Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Picaresque now available digitally!

Picaresque is now offered digitally and instantly though The Surf Network.
Click the link to download the film.
Only $14.95

Friday, October 9, 2009

Picaresque Film Review

This is a pretty cool review from Mattie at Oregon Surf Shop.

Just to note before anyone gets the idea I'm just shamelessly plugging a new video to sell it, anyone that knows me even remotely well will tell you that I am NOT a longboarder by any means. In fact, most of my close friends would describe me as the anti-longboard, even though you'll find me at most of the longboard contests around the Pacific Northwest. The anti-longboard side of me especially comes out when I'm forced to watch most longboard films. Anyone around the shop can tell you a list of reasons why I can't stand "The Present".

That being said, the mostly-longboard video Picaresque has rocketed itself to one of my favorite videos of recent times. While it's not qutie as jaw dropping as Days of the Strange, and it doesn't make you want to go travel to indo because you saw some pro get barreled and do an air in the same wave, it does entertain. It even made me sort of want to grab a classic longboard and slide away! Almost.

It is however an extremely well done longboard/fish video, with a killer soundtrack and awesome ciminatography. The soundtrack really does put this movie in a class of its own. Unlike most of the recent popular longboard videos, this one doesn't make you feel like you're stuck in an endless elevator with Alex Knost and a quiver of unridable heavy boards to be used on miniature waves. This film also seems to do a good job of leaving the hipster vibe out of the mix, something that has been proven hard to do lately. And to top off the good things about this film, there is NO narration, whatsoever!

All in all, what I'm trying to say is this shortboarder gives a 5 star rating to a video I would never have watched unless it had been thrown in the shop dvd player.