Friday, June 26, 2009

DVD's are in!

Just a quick update: The DVD's are in! You can get them directly through us at our online store,
We have some pretty cool deals for the next two weeks. DVD's are $30, T-shirts $20 and both for $40. Free shipping to the United States. Score!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Japan: South-Swell Premier

Tsutomu, owner of South-Swell in Osaka, tour guide, tickle fight champion and all around good guy.

South-Swell right in the heart of Osaka.

Hiro's first beer-shotgun. Let the BLORR boys show ya how it's done.

Not my first rodeo. Look at the power stance. I lost and didn't even finish my beer.

Osaka loves BLORR.

The boys final show in Japan. Going out with a banger.

More group photos!

This is how you order food late night. Just push the button of the picture you want.


Chris, eating some horse sashimi at 3am. What a way to end the trip!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Japan: Randomness!

The road into Kawazu, on the Izu peninsula.

Amazing caves.

Jon Wegener and I wondering why people don't visit Japan for it's natural beauty.

We found this sand dune. Here's Matt Williams eating shit on a boggie.

Jon, Matt and Harrison at the top.

Harrison, 75 mph.

King of the sand-booger-slide.


Spiral bridge. Reminded me of a matchbox car track. Pretty scarry!!

Stopped for some pasta on the way to Osaka. Epic!

We <3 group photos!

Osaka is nuts!

Bike seat beauty.

Adam cruising around the city.

Babes on bikes. That's what it says on the street.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Japan: Picaresque Premier presented by New Evolution!

Big thanks to Nobu from New Evolution surf shop in Tokyo.

Probably one of the raddest crew of dudes in Japan.

Right behind Hiro and Masa! We <3 you.

Kei tipping a few beers.

Shogo, BLORR's biggest fan in the land of the rising sun- enjoying his 2nd consecutive show.

Beer, A Surf Film and Rock n Roll.

Little cheer for some good tunes.

Hurley Japan was out in full force...

....and Rocking some sweet new t's!! Love you guys!

Impromptu photo shoot.

That half the bar joined in on. Let's hear it for group photos!

This is the way to end our last night in Tokyo.

The view from our hotel room. Thanks Tsutomu!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Japan: 24 hours a day.

This must have been the longest day of my life. Up at 6am to surf Chiba, on the road to Tokyo to run around the city all day, then to our good friend Luli's club Le Baron De Paris to show the film. And, of course some live music from BLORR.

Matty and Yuta, post surf. Loggin dayz.

Adam and Chris- first surf in the land of the rising sun.

Rappongi, where it never ends and nothing ever closes.

Trace, Kristian Peterson, Yuki jazzing the glass at Le Baron

C.Wach, Harrison Roach and Matty Chojnacki were all in attendance for the film premier.

T-Stone and DJ Uncle Mike spinnin that junk you love at Le Baron. Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas walked in and supposedly just walked right out.

Cookie on the subway. Unlike NYC, you could eat sushi off the floor of these subway cars.

A walk through a shrine in the busy Shibuya part of Tokyo.


Ending the day riding the subway back to our hotel.

Walking up to our hotel, The Prince with the Tokyo Tower directly behind it.