Sunday, June 7, 2009

Japan: Picaresque Premier presented by New Evolution!

Big thanks to Nobu from New Evolution surf shop in Tokyo.

Probably one of the raddest crew of dudes in Japan.

Right behind Hiro and Masa! We <3 you.

Kei tipping a few beers.

Shogo, BLORR's biggest fan in the land of the rising sun- enjoying his 2nd consecutive show.

Beer, A Surf Film and Rock n Roll.

Little cheer for some good tunes.

Hurley Japan was out in full force...

....and Rocking some sweet new t's!! Love you guys!

Impromptu photo shoot.

That half the bar joined in on. Let's hear it for group photos!

This is the way to end our last night in Tokyo.

The view from our hotel room. Thanks Tsutomu!


Anonymous said...

when you gonna bring the video to canada?

shogo albert said...

Oh My Tee!
thanks Mikey,
that's my Treasure!!