Thursday, June 4, 2009

Japan: Greenroom Festival

The beautiful city of Yokohama, home of the Greenroom Festival

Ty, Rob's and My art on the wall in the art space.

Amazingly cool stuff buy hall-mates and super cool guys from the Critical Slide Society

Good friend and photographer Yoji

Wooden candy by Jon and Tom Wegener

DJ Trace Marshall, getting radical on the tables.

Kassia Meador and Polaroids

Heather Brown, live painting session

On top of the deck at the Greenroom Festival's space. The architecture was beautiful.

Yeah, were like that.

Ray Barbee meets the Mattson 2. What a performance.

Bastard Lovechild of Rock n Roll with their first performance in Japan.

Harrison and Shogo rocking to the tunes. Literaly, the floor was shaking.

Adam killing it on the drums for about 400 people.

Harrison, in the crowd somewhere watching himself do a slash.

June-Bug post beer shot.

Yakiniku. The best thing that has ever happened to food.

Walking the town.

We found this little hole in the wall called Rock Bar. Unreal little place. It was it's 2nd day open. Chris, putting on a little acoustic set before I ruined it by drumming off beat.

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Justin said...

Dang, I wish I could have been there. Seeing Jun Bug do his beer shot is really something.