Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goodbye Florida, Hello Everywhere Else!

The wind was blowing bums right off their tucus, and the sky was the
face of your girlfriend right before she is about to cry.. you know
what face I am talking about. Every girl has one and every guy
cringes at the thought of that face... the face that comes right
before you know the dam of tears is going to break and all that can
ensue is endless pats on the back, apologies, and countless
promises... It was Monday morning in Jacksonville Beach and the
weather was either angry at us for leaving or tellin us to get the
heck out of dodge. As we loaded in our duffle bags filled with half
clean/ half dirty clothes, toiletries and all the other things we
thought we would need to last us over a month of traveling, that levy
between here and the clouds broke. But we managed and though dripping
wet and shoes soaked, we set off on our first real tour! If Jax
Beach was our lady.. we left her weeping, cursing, and throwing
stilettos at our heads.

Our voyages ahead will bring us all the way up the East coast up to
New York, over to Chicago, through New England and most unbelievably..
JAPAN!!! (insert a couple "hell ya's" a few "Ya BLORR's" and one or
two "Ahhh guys I'm so happy for you's) But first, South Carolina...
Charleston to be exact. The venue was an old theatre. In fact, the
way it was decorated and furnished,, it was almost a time warp when
you walked in. Red velvet draped walls and old posters. A healthy
pack of Charleston surf enthusiasts ranging widely in age filled the
small screening. All very excited about the quality of Picaresque,
they stuck around to see what the weirdos in the giant Nike van were
there for. It was a lil ummm awkward playing for a seated audience
and because of a lack of electrical capabilities BLORR played a
stripped down Guitar/drums/crooning set. But it was very cool to play
in front of the giant pulled curtains and under the dim theatre
lighting. Felt as though we should have been wearing suits and
playing cool jazz to ladies smoking long stemmed cigarettes... Our
crowd loosened up a little and I do believe I saw excessive finger
tapping and panicky gobstopper popping by the of our of the set.


Last stop on the peninsula!

It is tough to compare these stops on this tour, being that every town has its own little flavor to offer... But that said, it is gosh darn sweet as pie to come home and play for all your wide eyed, smiling, gorgeous friends. Landshark was the host to our Wednesday night premiere. Filled with flats-screens on every wall and a house system that boomed the Picaresque soundtrack (which deserves its own WOW volume 9 commercial its so darn infectious) into the bodies of the eager audience.

An audience that was sprinkled sweetly with all the top dogs in Jacksonville... from Red Bull head honcho Ryan King perfecting the Wazzy shuffle, to Asher Nolan and Jay Dodson boogying down and of course decked out in the latest Jagmania Apparel. Poolt, Mikey and Crego from Jax's top surf communtiy sites GHive and SurfJaxPier all came out to be a part of the activities as well... That along with young shredders and too many of our amazing friends to count made Landshark a vortex frothing with sleazy, sassy energy hypnotizing all who came too close.
I do believe during BLORR's ecstatic set I saw our film-maker Mikey Detemple pull off a one-handed cartwheel over Styxxx, the Sultan of Sleaze as we like to call him... and if you've seen the bamboo chutes for legs on Styxxx, you know that's one high mark to clear. After Wednesday night it is a safe assessment that surfer dudes and dudettes alike really like to dance... Love to Dance!!! The lovely crowd cheering for an Encore til BLORR had no choice but to whip up some more B.S.R.R. was PROOF in the rice pudding.. whaaaa Ewwww. But really it was.... (oh and for those of ya not AIM savvy.. B.S.R.R. = Booty Shaking Rock n Roll motha truckerrssss)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Take a look at a few of the tour dates we added recently. Also, our new site is now live!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Charleston, SC.

I know this is pretty last minute- but I just locked down the Terrace Theatre in Downtown Charleston! Not really knowing anyone in the area, I was having a hard time finding a venue- But a friend named Austin helped me out and recommended this place. Pretty excited! I hope some of you people will come out and check it out!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bars named after tropical drinks.

Across the state we headed, piled in the Nike 6.0 tour mobile turning
heads everywhere we went, sometimes pretending that it was us and not
the sleek 6.0 Swoosh machine that rumbles with enough diesel power to
make Tim the Toolman Taylor get a half chub..

Friday night was Bradenton... After a late start we made it to
"Tequila Beach" to a mixed crowd of veteran drinkers and younger bar
hoppers... It is safe to say this may not have been "our crowd", but
thankfully there is substance behind this tour that pulls in even the
unexpecting dames and dudes. There is no denying the quality of
Picaresque as a sensory film period. A person that has never stepped
foot in the ocean will be wooed by the dreamy visuals captured
intimately by the 16mm film the movie was shot in. And with the
soundtrack as groovy as any compilation out--- game over Brosquitos!

And even those manly men that had puzzled looks on their face after
figuring out the luscious legs prancing around stage belonged to a man
name Tootsie couldn't help but hitting that cymbal that Hot Damm held
over the crowd during tunes like "Sweet but a lil Sassy" and "My
Terrific Tushhh". All while Cookie Sugahips sang songs of love and
sleaze, rarely breaking eye contact with Tampa's darling playboy
Dustin Howard (who had a huge hand in putting these west coast stops

Saturday night's BLORRgasms were to be had at Daiquiri Deck in Mediera
Beach. Energized by a day of fierce volleyball matches -insert
story..(so we pulled up in the Giant Swoosh, thundering like Jerm's
belly after a plate of chimichangas and margaritas,,, thinking we were
gonna take over the sandy courts..... only to get owned by middle aged
men and women half of which wearing knee braces hydrating only with
Busch Light.) Wait where was I... oh right... so Saturday night was
here, and our panties were as moist (excitement was as thick) as the
humid air! We were all ready to be movin and shakin with our loved
ones from IRB. Cougars were on the prizowllll, no one safe from them
sneakin round every corner comin at ya this way and that... Thanks to
Mikey DeTemple's stand up comedy intros and an enthusiastic sound and
light guy by the name of Glenn an extra sweaty show ensued with all
sorts of strobing lights flashing off the glimmering silk dashiki that
danced around Cookie's body. All while Hot Damm and Tootsie danced
and teased those cougars with no remorse... After a few kind police
men lent us some jumper cables to start our van we were on our way...
Tampa may never be the same..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome aboard, you bastards.

Our great friends, talented and sexy musicians Bastard Lovechild of Rock n Roll joined us for the rest of our tour the other night. We kicked off our first stop together at a bar in Ft Lauderdale, Florida called Automatic Slims. A bar notorious for scantily clad bar dancing sweethearts and dude hair so hard it cuts straight through the Virginia Slim cigarette smoke that fills the air. Little did they know that a group of surfers, skaters and tattooed hooligans fueled by waves of stoke were about to transform this place into a chapel of higher learning. A school of artistic vision and a time-transcending surf style courtesy of Mikey De Temple’s “Picaresque.” And what would this be without some after school activities? Enter Bastard Lovechild of Rock n Roll leading by example in the ways of booty shakin rock n roll!

A very special thanks goes out to Marcos Smith and Redbull for making this event happen!

And....don't worry west-sliders, were coming to CA in July. Just working on finishing up the dates!