Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last stop on the peninsula!

It is tough to compare these stops on this tour, being that every town has its own little flavor to offer... But that said, it is gosh darn sweet as pie to come home and play for all your wide eyed, smiling, gorgeous friends. Landshark was the host to our Wednesday night premiere. Filled with flats-screens on every wall and a house system that boomed the Picaresque soundtrack (which deserves its own WOW volume 9 commercial its so darn infectious) into the bodies of the eager audience.

An audience that was sprinkled sweetly with all the top dogs in Jacksonville... from Red Bull head honcho Ryan King perfecting the Wazzy shuffle, to Asher Nolan and Jay Dodson boogying down and of course decked out in the latest Jagmania Apparel. Poolt, Mikey and Crego from Jax's top surf communtiy sites GHive and SurfJaxPier all came out to be a part of the activities as well... That along with young shredders and too many of our amazing friends to count made Landshark a vortex frothing with sleazy, sassy energy hypnotizing all who came too close.
I do believe during BLORR's ecstatic set I saw our film-maker Mikey Detemple pull off a one-handed cartwheel over Styxxx, the Sultan of Sleaze as we like to call him... and if you've seen the bamboo chutes for legs on Styxxx, you know that's one high mark to clear. After Wednesday night it is a safe assessment that surfer dudes and dudettes alike really like to dance... Love to Dance!!! The lovely crowd cheering for an Encore til BLORR had no choice but to whip up some more B.S.R.R. was PROOF in the rice pudding.. whaaaa Ewwww. But really it was.... (oh and for those of ya not AIM savvy.. B.S.R.R. = Booty Shaking Rock n Roll motha truckerrssss)


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