Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome aboard, you bastards.

Our great friends, talented and sexy musicians Bastard Lovechild of Rock n Roll joined us for the rest of our tour the other night. We kicked off our first stop together at a bar in Ft Lauderdale, Florida called Automatic Slims. A bar notorious for scantily clad bar dancing sweethearts and dude hair so hard it cuts straight through the Virginia Slim cigarette smoke that fills the air. Little did they know that a group of surfers, skaters and tattooed hooligans fueled by waves of stoke were about to transform this place into a chapel of higher learning. A school of artistic vision and a time-transcending surf style courtesy of Mikey De Temple’s “Picaresque.” And what would this be without some after school activities? Enter Bastard Lovechild of Rock n Roll leading by example in the ways of booty shakin rock n roll!

A very special thanks goes out to Marcos Smith and Redbull for making this event happen!

And....don't worry west-sliders, were coming to CA in July. Just working on finishing up the dates!

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