Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hola! Ammigars.

Well, here we are- our last trip for Picaresque. Our first day in Costa Rica went like this: 7 hour drive North from San Jose, a roof rack breaking, an hour drive down a dirt road that lead to nothing but a flowing river and a few chupacabra's of the night. We made it to our destination in the north in the late hours of the night. The next morning we were all itching to get the airplane funk and our 7 hour van ride off of us. Here's a little sample of the first day's gold. Peeling offshore perfection.

A big thanks goes out to Joe Walsh of Witch's Rock Surf Camp and to Cabinas Las Olas for making this trip possible!


Worm said...

get heaps of scotty footage.

Sea Walk said...

Looks fun!!! :) keep updating it I wanna see the fresh goods ! :)