Thursday, February 26, 2009


Now that the dust has literally settled from our Costa Rica trip and the 30+ rolls of super-16 is back and logged I had some time to get some photo's that I took developed. I shot these with an old medium format twin-lens Yashica camera. I'm really appreciating film these days. I'm a total technology dork. I new Nikon D series camera comes out, I want it. New macbook pro just released? I'm already in line. This whole project has made me take a step back and look into the beauty of things, especially film. The natural texture, the colors and the fact that I did nothing to these photos after I scanned them is amazing.


lif3syle said...

Very cool, I love shooting with the Yashica twin-lens. It's such a different look.

M.J.Semi said...

I've never messed around w/ a Yashica, but the results look pretty rad. Makes me want to get back into a darkroom... in contrast to adobe lightroom which i've been immersed in a bit too much lately.

Technology geek. hell yeah!

check, check it!

100% said...

The second to last pic is rad! What film are you using, VC160?? Im getting a RZ67 this weekend.

lazywaves said...

long live film!