Thursday, October 2, 2008

First up!

After having 1,400 feet of super-16 sitting in the fridge, shot over a month ago I decided it was time to send it out.  AKA, I had the money to have it processed.  This surf-film-making thing is expensive.  While I was in France last week it was processed, transfered and awaited my arrival yesterday when I returned to Rhode Island.  We shot this whole trip on super-16, so it was kind of nerve racking wondering what we were going to see.  Pleasantly surprised, it's all I hoped for.  Here's a little tease of what you will be seeing.  
Photos thanks to Chasen Marshal.


1 comment:

Bogus said...

ahh...stoked for you. i wish i could afford to use my bolex. unfortunately i have to stick to hd. one day...