Monday, October 20, 2008

Log Island.

October brought the first Nor'easter of the season.  With harsh North East winds and even harsher temperatures, which dipped down to the low 40's, things had changed from the week prior.  Winter was at our feet.  The indian summer was over and cold front swell was pumping.  
Pumping right by us.  The horizon looked like a marching band, on it's merry way to somewhere warmer.  Would it ever fill in or was this massive Nor'easter swell that has been ticking the buoys a myth? 
Late that morning, it started to fill in.  With hard offshores and a wind chill in the mid 30's it was almost hard to motivate.  Until we found this little against the grain right going into one of far Rockaways jettys.  Here's what we found.  With a little luck, bigger swell is on the horizon.  Literally.
Photos: Keith Novosel


Justin said...

Dang. These photos are really nice.

mikeyd said...

Keith has been getting some amazing shots.