Sunday, October 26, 2008

A kid named Bob.

I got an email from, who I can almost call- our, "staff photographer" Keith Novocel.  He said there's this kid from New Jersey that we should shoot.  His name is Rob Kuliesk.  I had never formally met him, nor seen him surf but was eager to welcome him aboard this trip.  From what I knew about him, he was a cool kid.  Rode logs, shot photo's and has a solid record collection.  
But none of that really matters.  There's tons of kids out there that are on this program.  Their in bands, they shoot photos, they make stuff and drive van's stuffed with their entire 10 board quiver.  Rob's different.  He rocked up driving a 2004 mexican beetle with dinged up log strapped to the roof, a few wetsuits and an interior chuck full of camera gear.  Rob's surfing was clean- simple lines and smooth.  Out of the water it was much of the same.  His self expression is unique.  Here's some photo's that he shot on what I am now dubbing, "The Long Island 1000."


100% said...

That first shot is reall nice.

Nasty Nate said...

Your photos are flat out awe-inspiring.

But on to more important matters...

When is picaresque going to satisfy the sweet-tooth located in our eyeballs?